Wet Umbrella Bags


Wet Umbrella Bags are an easy to use, disposable, low-cost risk management solution for rainy days and wet floors! By providing umbrella bags at your facilities entrance(s) employees and guests simply open the bag on one of our great umbrella bag stands, drop their wet umbrella into the bag, and pull the bag from the stand in one, single-handed motion. Our Wet Umbrella Bag has been designed to eliminate slippery, dangerous floors while showing your guests and staff you really care!

We also offer a Biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bag which will biodegrade under short and long-term aerobic conditions causing little to no adverse effects on the environment or its inhabitants!

The Benefits

  • Prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Keep floors dry, clean, and safe
  • Protects both customer and employee clothing from excess umbrella water
  • Reduce time mopping up standing water
  • Reduce the need for excessive floor mats
  • Bags easy to open and use
  • Stands extremely sturdy to prevent any wobble

Bag Specs

  • Size: 7 x 4 x 25.5 + 1.5
  • Gauge: .0007 (7 mil)
  • Film Color: Clear
  • Film Type: HDPE
  • Colors: 2 colors / 1 side
  • Warning Statement: Standard #2


Original Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $52.95 / 2000: $104.95

Biodegradable Wet Umbrella Bags

Case of 1000: $62.95 /  2000: $117.95

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