Umbrella Bag Stands

StandsWet Umbrella Bag Stands, together with our bags, are a low-cost risk management solution for even the rainiest of days!  Wet Umbrella Bag Stands are versatile products which work in any location –– and with our designer stands, our bags look great in formal environments too!

With its six pound heavy metal base and telescopic pole, our Original Wet Umbrella Stand’s stability is second to none! Its base sits on 6 rubber feet protecting your floors and preventing the stand from sliding.

Our Designer Series stands come in four different finishes and are all hand-made in Louisville, Kentucky. Each features its own unique granite base and hand-finished wood pole.

The double sided top bracket of our stands will hold approximately 300 bags. 


Original Umbrella Bag Stand: $49.95

Designer Umbrella Bag Stand: $164.95

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